It is that colorful time of the year again! We, as Indians, celebrate a plethora of festivals and each one of these has an emotional sentiment but Holi never fails to bring out the naughty child in each of our adult selves. This was, perhaps, the only festival that made us wake up early despite being a ‘holi’day. It is, undoubtedly, the only festival where people are least bothered about how they look; rather, there is a compulsive need to sport the ‘dirtiest’ make up!

The following are some gifts you could exchange this Holi to make it more memorable even if you indulge in some good old ‘bhang lassi’!

1. Herbal colours

It could actually be a pre-holi gift. It can motivate your friends to play Holi who would, otherwise, restrain themselves, from the fear of the damage that chemical-laced colours can cause to their skin.

2. Personal care kit

Gifting this could help your friends get the essential care their skin might need after indulging in some wild Holi celebrations. Packed with bathing salts, aromatic oils and skin care products, this would make your friends and relatives feel pampered.

3. Apparel

Yes! Holi is the day for your discarded clothes to be adorned one last time on your body. Hence, indulge in gifting apparels, to replace the clothes which would land in the trash-can by the end of the ‘Holi’day.

4. Colourful home décor

Let the Holi effect linger in the homes of your loved ones with colourful home décor! This will ensure their homes stay colourful, all year long, and give you plenty of options for gifts to choose from!