Packages go through rather rough handling during transit. This is because courier companies receive millions of packages day in and day out, and it is humanly impossible to take care of each unit. Hence, the sender too should take the responsibility of ensuring damage-proof transit of their package. Here is a quick guide to packing a parcel for safe delivery.

  1. Wrap your content with a cushioning material like bubble wrap, inflatable air bags, polystyrene chips, or engineered foam enclosures. This internal covering will secure your content from any kind of damage caused due to shock or vibration, especially if you are packing fragile items like glass, electronic goods, ceramics etc.
  2. Select an appropriate box or outer cover to enclose your items. The packet should not be too large or too small for the contents. Ensure that the outer cover is free from any kind of rips and tears.
  3. Seal the package securely with high-quality tapes such as polypropylene tape (brown plastic shape, vinyl adhesive tape, or duct tape). Provide extra sealing in the corners, edges, and on the opening flaps of the outer cover. You can follow the H-shaped taping method where you will have to apply one strip tape along the center seam (top and bottom of the package) and two strips along the side seams (top and bottom of the package).
  4. Write the receiver’s address and contact number legibly and correctly on top of the package, along with contact details of the sender. Use a ‘Fragile’ sticker, to notify the shipping company if your content falls under the breakable.
  5. In a scenario where shipping companies have guidelines to pack and seal packages, study the specifications before beginning to pack your parcel.

By following these simple steps, you can make your parcel ready for a safe and secure delivery.