Cargo theft has been reportedly on the rise in the recent decade. Combatting cargo theft requires a customized approach that covers all aspects and situations connected with shipments. Since most thefts occur with the connivance of an insider in the cargo company, it’s important to build good employee relationships within the organization, provide ample training for the staff, and take steps to ensure limited attrition. Apart from a strong employee engagement plan, here are five ways to safeguard your shipment from cargo thieves.

  1. Do not leave a loaded truck unattended

It may sound clichéd, but this is the first step to counter cargo theft. Often a cargo is delivered within a particular time frame. This includes pick-up, stoppages, and delivery. During transit, the driver should make a conscious effort to find a secure place to stop the vehicle when he wishes to take rest. The driver should not leave the loaded truck unattended for too long either. In case the receiver doesn’t accept the shipment upon arrival, appropriate arrangements should be made to park the cargo in a secure yard.

  1. Provide a list of secure parking areas

Cargo thieves generally target parking lots, truck stops, and warehouses, hence it’s important to be alert and cautious while choosing an area for a halt. Drivers should be provided with a list of secure parking lots along the delivery route so that the cargo can be parked safely in a well-lit area and under the surveillance of security cameras. Planning your travel route in advance will help.

  1. Use high-tech and heavy-duty locks

Sounds like a very basic thing to do, but a heavy-duty lock can definitely deter theft. Thieves won’t pursue anything that will need them to spend extra time and they will look for an easy target elsewhere. Hence, the use of GPS tracking devices, steering mechanism locks, air brake valve locks, and other such tamper-proof lock systems can safeguard your cargo during transit.

  1. Do not share details of your shipment

It is wise to remain silent than brag about what you are ferrying. Thieves are always on the lookout and are waiting to find a shipment of their interest. And, remember they are seasoned actors too!

  1. Trust your instinct and be aware

Always remain aware of your surroundings. In case you feel something is not right in a particular area then just follow your instinct and steer clear. Always keep emergency dial within reach. Before embarking on the journey, get details of theft trends in your route, and accordingly plan your stops and schedule.

In addition to the above steps, it is mandatory that all cargo companies train their drivers and support staff on aspects of dealing with an untoward situation. This not only makes the drivers aware of the importance of following safety measures but also makes them more confident in handling cargo. Many companies follow a multi-layered security system like driver verification, GPS tracking system, increased lighting in warehouses and so on. As an added measure, it is good to share experiences and hold seminars and conferences to discuss methods and technologies to enhance the safety of cargo.