The gift may mean something, the thought of sending it means more. Every year, Christmas comes & goes. Every year, you remind yourself to take that extra effort. And every year you tend to forget to send someone a special gift. Know anyone away from home? A dear friend maybe? Or a passenger you once met on the tube and immediately became friends with. This year, package a gift, parcel it, and let us deliver a meaningful gesture from your end.

Whether you are playing Santa or are simply remembering someone, send them a gift. It’s an act that radiates positivity and brings you and them a lot of joy. So let’s say you send someone an old picture, and that someone sends you a nostalgic gift in return? It becomes the perfect circle of celebration. And you know what they say. What goes around comes around!

This Christmas, send gifts and let us neatly package them, and deliver them with a happy smile. So that your token of appreciation is appreciated a whole lot more.

We have some really nice discounts for you. Add a bit of glitter to the celebrations and make the festivities little larger than life. It is Christmas time and a time to share laughter. This holiday season; let’s celebrate the joy of gifting.

We ship to over 240 locations worldwide so that you can share your blessings & gifts without a worry. Click here to avail the discount. Use the coupon code XMAS16* and send you gifts save 10% on your delivery charges*. Now all you need to do is let us play Santa, and we will deliver your gifts with a merry good feeling.

For further details about our Christmas discounts and other information regarding shipping, get in touch at Let DTDC be your Santa this Christmas, our elves are eagerly waiting to hear from you. If you would like to meet us personally, do drop by at your nearest DTDC office.

We wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.


*Terms and Conditions Apply. Offer valid till 10th Jan 2017.