Isn’t it one of the best feelings to be receiving a parcel unexpectedly? It’s such a universal feeling that it has even made an appearance in the Sound of Music soundtrack My Favourite Things; remember “brown paper packages tied up in strings”? Unfortunately, that really doesn’t work. If you tie up your long-expected cherished parcel in brown paper and string, it is very certain to get destroyed in transit. It’s a very good idea to go through some of the do’s and don’ts for packaging a parcel for delivery that we have gathered for you and some of which is expert advice from our team.
1. Use quality materials for packing: The flimsier the material (no paper!), the less likely it is that the item that you’re sending across will find the necessary cushioning. The process from pick up to delivery consists of several steps and during all of these steps it is always recommended that the package is well protected.
2. Use boxes of corrugated cardboard: Corrugated cardboard provides a good amount of cushioning in case of any movement. Bubble wrap for packaging and filling the empty spaces in a box is a great tip to follow too so that the item is not damaged during transport.
3. Use triangular tubes for rolled paper: If sending across documents, posters, canvas or similar items that can be rolled up, use triangular or square boxes. These boxes don’t roll around in transit, ensuring that no damage is done to the item inside.
4. Use dividers if sending multiple items: This really helps the recipient since all the items being sent are sorted out and don’t get mixed up. Very useful for things that get entangled or have chains or strings, we think.
1. Remove all labels if you’re reusing the box: This is very helpful to the shipper and ensures that they aren’t confused.
2. Don’t package anything that goes against regulations: This is dangerous for everyone involved. Ensure that you’re aware of the regulations for sending to the recipient country as well as the one you’re sending the parcel from.
3. Don’t use flimsy tape: The tape used to package your parcel must be strong tape, not easily losing its adhesiveness. Wrapping it around a few times will help strengthen it, but sub-quality material may lead to more vulnerable packaging.
Do use these tips to send your next parcel through DTDC International!